Are you adventurous enough to have a wedding that’s a little bit unique?


Let your personalities and adventurous personalities shine through and make your small wedding or elopement a little bit different.  The thing is you can get married pretty much anywhere provided you and your witnesses can hear and understand your celebrant, and vice versa. We know most couples will want an intimate romantic elopement, but there’s a percentage of couples who want to elope doing something a little bit different. 

Ever thought of getting married…

In a fancy car or Kombi van

On a boat or cruise ship

On an plane

On the top of the Harbour Bridge


In a hot air balloon

At the zoo

On horseback

Have a surprise wedding

At a gig/concert/festival

And who says you have to get married in the afternoon? How about…

  • A sunrise ceremony followed by breakfast
  • A sunset ceremony on a balmy summer’s eve
  • An after dark or midnight ceremony (think lots of candles and fairy lights)?
Have a themed wedding

Like the idea of getting married a little differently?  Tell us your idea and let us make it happen for you.  Elope the easy way with Elope to Australia.